About Us

Founded in 1967 by Des Flanagan, a family run business handed down to sons Damien & Ivor in 2004. Des built up a strong customer base over the years in Private & Commercial businesses, working from papering a small room to painting churches, apartments and offices.

From a young age his two sons Damien & Ivor took a keen interest in painting. Ivor was only 7 years of age when he put a brush in his hand to help paint the local Christian Brothers School.

With both grandfathers also painters Des decided to further their skills and sent them to Anco and Fas respectfully for one year off the job training and four years at D.I.T, Bolton St, Dublin. There, Damien & Ivor learnt their craft in all decorating skills including sign-writing, wallpapering, graining & decorative affects.

Having passed all their trade exams with distinction Damien & Ivor competed in the National apprentice competition, where the best in the country compete for the sought after Silver medal. Competitors are given a room which they have to paint, wallpaper and produce a decorative design to a very high standard.

In 1989 Damien won this title and went on to represent Ireland in the International Skill Olympics.

Achieving these high standards comes natural to us and we pride ourselves on quality finishing, keen prices and a prompt and clean service.